24 May 2019 
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 FAQ: Shipping
 Q: Does Rome cover shipping of product to a Rome service center to be inspected? A: No. Q: So I am responsible for shipping product to Rome? A: Yes. Q: If the product is deemed replaceable, do I need to pay for the replacement
 What does the warranty cover?
 Not all product sent to Rome for a warranty claim is covered. Our 2 year warranty policy covers all manufacturing defects. For boards, this does not include damage due to impact with rocks, rails, or other hard objects. For all categories, this doe
 HELP: Why aren't my photos going through?
 If you've sent us photos / pictures / images / movies and we haven't gotten back to you, we're not ignoring you, they've just been blocked by our server. Because we archive all warranty photos, we need to keep file sizes down to a reasonable level to a

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