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 READ THIS FIRST: How the Warranty works
Article How Rome's Warranty Works
- Register your product above in the the Warranty section of this website.

- Use this section of the site to reach out to the SDS about the problem you are having. Please only open one ticket per product. Please also to be sure to open the ticket in the appropriate category (99% of the time, this will not be "General"). Failure to do so will slow down processing of your claim.

- All products to be returned to a Rome Service Center for warranty must be taken to your local Authorized Rome Dealer or Distributor which sold the goods before the expiration of the warranty period and must be accompanied by the dated proof of purchase. You must have your dated proof of purchase to accompany the board; If you cannot provide original proof of purchase, Rome will use the manufacturing date as the start of the warranty period. The warranty period for most Rome Products is two years from this start date; the only exception is that Rome extends a lifetime parts warranty to their bindings. (for more details on the Binding Warranty, see below)

- Rome will issue a claim number if it makes sense to return product for inspection. Please do not send any product back without this claim # (RA/RMA/etc) as it will slow down the processing of your warranty.

- All products must be shipped prepaid and insured. Rome assumes no responsibility for products during shipment from the Owner to a Rome Service Center. Shipping charges to the Rome Service Center are not refundable.

- Repaired or replaced product will be returned in a reasonable amount of time.

- Return shipping costs will be paid by Rome. Rome will only be responsible for shipping costs to return your product to you within the covered region of the Service Center. If you are outside the European Union or North America, additional freight charges may apply.

- For service outside of Europe or North America, please contact the dealer or distributor that you purchased the goods from. (for purchases not made via authorized local distributor or dealer, the local dealer or distributor may charge fees to cover their costs in assisting with your claim)

Find your local Authorized Rome Dealer or International Distributor HERE.

Term of Warranty
All products besides bindings have a 2 year warranty from the original date of purchase. Warranty replacements can themselves be submitted for warranty, provided 2 years has not elapsed from the date of purchase of the first product.

The warranty applies only to Rome snowboard products purchased from an Authorized Rome Dealer and is extended only to the original purchaser ("Owner").

- Coverage under this limited warranty is void if any modifications or alterations have been made to a Rome snowboard product not specifically authorized in writing by Rome.

- Repair or replaced products are covered only for the remainder of the original warranty.

- Rome snowboard products are not covered by any verbal warranties.

This limited warranty does not apply to:
~ Normal wear and tear.

~ Impact-related damage, in which the board contacts such things as rocks, rails or trees.

~ Damage resulting from abuse, misuse or carelessness.

~ Damage resulting from faulty or improper mounting of bindings. This includes stripping inserts from incorrect mounting.

~ Any damage caused from anything other than defects in material or workmanship.

~ Damage from the use of solvents, adhesives, or other substances not specifically determined for use on snowboard products.

~ Rome snowboard products used as rental/demo.

Rome’s Lifetime Binding Warranty:

Rome will replace any binding part or component due to a manufacturing defect. We will provide a part first and foremost that replicates the original performance; we will do our best to match the color and era of binding, but functional on-hill performance is the limit and intent of this warranty.

~Bindings use replaceable parts and we will replace the defective part at no charge for customers within North America and Europe. For service outside of Europe or North America, please contact the local dealer or distributor that you purchased the goods from.

~This warranty does not cover any customizations, and is not meant to allow frankensteining or other modifications to bindings.

~Bindings must have been purchased from authorized dealer and registration on warranty site is required. Rome reserves the right to request digital images and/or return of defective part as proof of actual defect and ownership of Rome bindings

~For any binding parts that incur wear and tear over the life of the binding (ankle ratchet tongues or broken highbacks from chairlifts, for example) Rome will provide a reasonable quantity of replacements during the original purchaser’s ownership if it is agreed by both parties that the wear and tear is limiting the function of the product.

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For full details of Rome's Warranty Policies and procedures, Click Here

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