24 May 2019 
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 Help with mounting your bindings
Article To Rome binding owners:

If you are having troubles mounting your new Rome bindings (or if you have a new sub base pad) no worries. Simple solution to this problem. All Rome bindings are equipped with our signature sub base pad (a rubber gasket molded to the bottom of each binding) that mounts between your board and bindings. The purpose of the sub base pad is reduce unwanted vibrations and improve direct response and feel to the board.

This feature has the potential to cause a bit of problem while trying to initially mount a pair of bindings. Sometimes it may seem that the screws are not long enough to reach the insert, but ultimately it is just the thickness of the pad preventing the screw from reaching the first thread on the insert. The pad will compress after use so this issue will cease with time when you remove and mount your bindings again.

All you should have to do is mount one screw, with the sub base pad still attached to the binder, without the washer. This will pull the binder down compressing the pad. Then you should be able to mount the remaining three screws with the washer and screws. Back out the screw sans washers and reapply.

If this process does not work with mounting or if you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

Shred on!
-Rome Warranty

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